Small Groups

Small Groups

Our Small Groups ministry continues to grow in its diversity and its level of people involvement.
The purpose of each of these smaller gatherings is to facilitate that vital shared aspect of the Christian life journey. Each Small Group forum provides opportunities to build healthy Jesus centred relationships that in turn provide genuine avenues for growing together as part of the larger church community. An environment is created where honest communication brings understanding, encouragement, support, care and a building of faith in the Lord.

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As mentioned, there is some variety in the smaller group gatherings within our Fellowship. A couple of the groups are long term, quite established gatherings with the participants knowing each other well. But, be assured they are very open to welcoming, including and involving others.
Some of the small groups are more specific in their definition as they have an identity and mode of operation that is provided by a ministry introduced from the wider Christian community. e.g. Companions Life; Know Your Bible, Bible study Fellowship
Within our fellowship we also provide Conversation Groups from time to time. These being small gatherings that will centre their focus on a theme that has been carried through the Sunday morning service. In addition we will provide the occasional shared exploring, learning venture such as the Navigators 5X5X5 which is a disciplined venture of personally reading through the New Testament, small section at a time, over a 12 month timeline, gathering on a monthly basis to share some of findings.

As a people of faith, we do believe the Word is one vital way our relationship with the Lord will be fuelled and ignited. To that purpose we encourage people to gather, to explore, encourage, experience and grow in faith.

When & Where?

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